Guide to design bag pattern making

bag pattern making

Bag pattern making is a crucial step in producing handbags. Today, Suvino will introduce the basic steps in making a bag pattern. But for bag brand owners who are not proficient in creating bag patterns or too busy, Suvino offers One-Stop Service from consulting, designing, and producing bags for customers. 

“A true designer does not copy other people’s work but instead uses it as an inspiration to create something new”.


4 Steps to design bag pattern making

Step 1: Plan the Design

Planning before designing is an important step that will allow you to work smoothly. Imagine what you want your bag to look like. What shape and size of the bag you want? Who will be using this bag decided, then think about what details or decorative parts on the bag. Try to design a bag that is functional, practical, and suitable for your target customer In addition, Feel free to sketch out and try different designs.


Step 2: Draw a pattern

Once you’ve decided on your design, it’s time to start drawing the pattern in a simple geometric 2D shape starting with the front piece and back piece of the bag, then the flap, then the side then the handle and so on. If you’ve already designed your pattern pieces, you can then cut them out using the cut option in the software so that they can be printed in the normally available page sizes. Then, you need to export each of the individual pages in PDF format and later merge these pages to make one pattern and print the pattern.


Step 3: Making the mock up of your bag

If your pattern is ready, draft them onto card board paper or plastic sheet then cut out all the pieces. You can then use tape or hot glue to try to assemble the pieces together to make a mockup of your bag. By doing this, you would get to see the size and shape of the bag and you can try it on yourself to see if it matches your imagination. If there is something wrong with the length or size, you should go back to the drawing process to edit and print the design again. 


Step 4: Making Detailed Pattern

Once you’re happy with the mock up you’ve made, you can then work on the detailed pattern of the leather, lining and reinforcements of the bag. Then go on to the step of cutting out all materials and sewing the bag. If you’re unsure or need advice, you should go to ask for advice at the bag factory by yourself and modify or add elements of the bag to look more beautiful.



Don’t know how to create a bag pattern by yourself? don’t worry, Suvino can help you.

If you don’t know how to create a bag pattern by yourself, Don’t give up! Suvino will help you. Because our factory understands your requirements, convenience, and accuracy in bag production. Therefore, our factory has a one-stop service to serve you.

  • Design consulting service

Here at Suvino, we are ready to give you a design consultation by an expert who not only knows how to make bags, but also knows the trend and market situation of the handbag. Just hearing your requirements, we can help you design a beautiful bag.


  • Prototyping service

We have a service to make a sample bag to see before the actual production to let you see exactly what you will get for your production and if needed, we can make more adjustments until you’re happy with your design.


  • A variety of materials to choose from.

Suvino is a large bag factory with a wide selection of materials. Whether it’s genuine leather, PU leather, fabric, and various spare parts. So you can make sure that all the bags that are produced by Suvino will use premium material. Moreover, you don’t have to
waste time buying materials by yourself.


  • Expert leather craftsmen

We have expert leather craftsmen who have been manufacturing bags for over 30 years, so you can be confident that, no matter how detailed the job is. We can make it. We also have bag technicians who specialize in special bag making techniques.


  • Bag quality inspection service

Our technicians with expertise and experience in bag quality inspection for more than 30 years will inspect all bags that are produced before sending them to customers. If any bag does not meet the quality. We will not send to customers to make sure that our customers will get the best quality bags.


If you are looking for a leather bag factory. With a one-stop service and a wide variety of types of leather to choose from. You can ask for more information at the Suvino leather bag factory. We are a big leather bag factory with high production standards. The bag will be made meticulously with our highly experienced craftsman. You can expect beautifully crafted bags from Suvino.



“The finest handcrafted leather goods in Southeast Asia” – Suvino

We have the largest selection of leather in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Delicacy and expertise are reflected in Suvino’s 36 years of experience.


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