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If you are looking for an Italian leather bag manufacturer that has a one-stop service and skilled bag craftsman including many genuine types of leather to choose from. We recommend Suvino, an Italian leather bag manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in bag production, and today we will introduce each type of genuine leather to the owner of the bag brand.

Premium genuine leather that Italian leather bag manufacturer has.

1.Analine Leather

Cow leather is imported from Europe. Bleached and dyed by Thailand’s top 5 tannery. It is a smooth leather with a slight grain pattern, giving it a soft touch, but can also be used in any bag shape. Suvino has co-developed the leather with the tannery to provide customers with the most durable leather.


2.Valen Leather

This type of leather is a patterned leather similar to the EPSOM pattern of the world-famous brand like Hermes. It is leather that is quite shaped but still gives a natural texture that is not harsh. It is especially suitable for making shaped bags.


3.Floater Leather

This type of leather is lychee-patterned leather. Suvino is available in four sizes, either small or large. This type of leather is moderately soft and clear grain pattern It also has a natural texture. Suvino developed this leather with the tannery. so that it can be used with a variety of bag shapes. The highlight of this leather is its durability, which is highly scratch resistant.


4.Toscana Leather

This type of leather is the astringent tanned leather that Suvino took from the Italian style of tanned leather. with the invention of the bleaching plant with experts from Japan. To make the leather that is 100% astringent tanned leather, this type of leather will not feel harsh like normal tanned leather. But it will be leather with beautiful Grain, similar to the original in the real Italian style. This type of leather can make bags of any shape. Suitable for customers looking for leather that emphasizes nature.


5.Crocodile Leather

Crocodile skin is leather that has the charm of a unique pattern. This makes it possible to add value to your brand. We use tanned crocodile skins from farms in Thailand and there is a quality check of every piece of leather before being imported to the factory.


6.Python Leather

Python leather is the most common snake leather type and has the charm of a unique pattern. This makes it possible to add value to your brand same as crocodile leather. We have a quality check of every piece of leather before being imported to the factory to make sure that our customer will get a premium python leather to produce bag.


Suvino is a big Italian leather bag factory high production standard. And there is a leather craftsman who has experience in producing bags for over 30 years, so you can be sure that if you order bags from our factory. Your bag will surely be beautiful and of high quality. We aim to grow our business together with you, therefore we always strive to produce flawless products.


“The finest handcrafted leather goods in Southeast Asia” – Suvino
We have the largest selection of leather in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Delicacy and expertise are reflected in Suvino’s 36 years of experience.

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