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Choosing a genuine leather bag factory for those who want to start their own bag brand. It’s essential to have other components, including the design of leather bags you plan to launch, your target audience, and most importantly,  choosing a high-quality and reliable leather bag manufacturing factory.

So in this article, Suvino will share tips on how to choose a good leather bag factory and what factors to consider that need to be considered. Let’s see how to do it.

Guide to Selecting The Genuine Leather Bag Factory.

  • There are experts and experienced craftsmen.

First and foremost, you need to choose a genuine leather bag manufacturing factory with skilled craftsmen who have expertise. This is to ensure that you’ll get high quality leather bags that precisely match the design you provide.

Therefore, the factory you choose should have craftsmen who are excellent in various fields, including the selection of premium materials,  Production of bags as specified and attention to detail in sewing.

Because choosing a generic bag manufacturer may lead to receiving leather bags that do not meet the desired quality standards. 

  • Choosing a registered leather bag factory.

You should choose a registered genuine leather bag manufacturing factory, preferably one that is registered as a limited company. This is because it provides a guarantee that the factory you’re entrusting to produce your genuine leather bags is reliable and has a professional track record in the industry.

Limited companies are usually more reputable and more importantly, if there is a problem or damage to your ordered bag, The factory can compensate you.

  • Choose a leather bag factory that offers a full service

You should choose a genuine leather bag factory that offers services from consultation to product delivery, which not only saves time but also reduces production costs. Therefore, the chosen factory must provide services such as consulting, design (for bags, logos, etc.), cutting and sewing of leather bag. Screen printing Bag quality inspection and efficient product delivery.

But if you haven’t found a genuine leather bag factory that meets your needs, Suvino Leather Bag Factory is the best solution. With over 36 years of experience, we are a genuine leather bag factory that trains artisans to work smoothly in every step. and take full responsibility for every bag we produce. You can control your costs and avoid having to worry about the bag maker not delivering work on time or sending work and need to fix a lot. 

Suvino offers a full range of services. that provides everything from beginning to end. Just tell us the details of the bag you want. Or if you are not sure about the design We are ready to provide expert advice.

What you will get from our service is as follows:

  • Expert guidance available from bag design to production.
  • Recommendations for accurate production
  • Wide variety of materials to choose from. All in one place, including leather, fabric, and accessories.
  • Customized bag designs for all styles.
  • Options for customized spare parts.
  • Time-saving, as you don’t need to source materials yourself.
  • Factory with extensive expertise in high-quality production (serving leading brands both domestically and internationally).
  • Delivering bags with standard quality
  • On-time delivery of your orders.

If you want to add more variety to your leather product portfolio besides genuine leather bags, Suvino can help. Whether it’s leather wallets, keychains, camera straps, or even dog leashes, We can make it for you. We pay meticulous attention to every production step. From selecting the right leather for the product to precise and consistent stitching. And if you need a unique part, Suvino can accommodate your needs.

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