Top 5 materials that genuine leather bag brands should get to know

genuine leather bag brands

Leather is a popular material for producing bags because It’s available in a variety of options, e.g. cow leather, snakeskin, crocodile leather, PU leather, and fabric mixed leather. In addition, the leather bag is considered classic and can indicate the taste of the user.

Nowadays, the material used in the product is quite important. Because each type of leather has a different texture and quality. The end user is getting more educated about leather and is more particular when choosing leather bags. That means we have to choose the right leather for the right bag style, considering the quality, the sturdiness, the touch, and the cost.

Suvino as the finest leather bag factory would like to introduce the advantages of each leather, selected from the top 5 tanning leather factories in Thailand as well as imported leather from Italy and Japan to get the best quality leather for making bags for our client. If you want good quality products and a wide selection of materials, choose Suvino to produce your genuine leather bag brands. Now we will explain more about our most popular leather.

Introducing 5 popular types of genuine leather for genuine leather bag brands

Currently, 5 types of genuine leather are commonly used in the production of bags: cowhide, snakeskin, crocodile skin, sheep skin, and mixed leather, each of which has different characteristics, textures, and patterns. So the genuine leather bags brand owner should know the differences between each leather to choose the leather that best matches the bag style.

1. Cow Leather

Cow leather is one of the most popular leather because of its durability. Suvino has selected only good quality leather, imported from Europe, America, and Japan. To deliver the leather of the best quality equivalent to the famous bag brands. The cow leather that will be used to make bags can be divided into 3 main types:

  • Full-Grained Leather:

It is the top layer of cow skin. That is considered the best quality leather and the highest price as well. The texture of Fill-Grained Leather will give a very good touch, natural, and durable in use. If you look at it when pulling the leather up tight, you will see the pores on the leather.

  • Corrected-Grained Leather:

This type of leather is also the top layer of cow skin but the skin may have some scars. Therefore, the surface must be sanded to make it smoother before the pattern is pressed onto the leather and came to finish the color in the last step

  • Split Leather:

This type of leather uses the lower layer of skin that has been split and is less flexible than Full-Grained Leather and Corrected-Grained Leather. But with modern technology, PU/PVC is coated on the surface to make it look like Full-Grained leather. However, it still cannot provide the same touch and durability as Full-Grained Leather.

2. Python Snakeskin

Snakeskin is the most affordable exotic leather but it can add value and charm to the bag. Because it has a unique color, texture, and pattern. The snake skin that Suvino chooses to use is imported from both Thailand and Europe. Every piece of leather will be checked by a quality inspection team before sending it to the factory.

3. Crocodile Leather

The charm of crocodile leather is a unique pattern in itself. It is considered the most beautiful natural leather. It doesn’t have to do anything to be beautiful but it can be dyed to produce different colors and it is also leather that has tough and durable properties. Due to its properties, the investment in crocodile leather bags is worthwhile.

Suvino uses crocodile leather from a farm in Thailand that has been tanned. We check all the production processes at the farm and always check the quality of every leather before bringing it to the factory.

4. Sheep Skin

Sheepskin is the softest, lightest, and most flexible animal skin among all genuine leathers. Suitable for producing lightweight bags that need flexibility in use.

5. Leather Mixed Fabric

Leather mixed with fabric is a material that is popular as pure leather because of the outstanding that it gives to the user. Leather mixed fabrics are also easier to make and sell because they can perfectly match a variety of bag styles.

Choosing each type of leather to produce bags is a step that genuine leather bag brand owners must pay a lot of attention to. Because choosing the type of leather to match the style of the bag and target customers will help increase sales and add value to the product.

Finally, if you are looking for a bag factory that offers complete services in one place. Including having a wide selection of materials for making bags Don’t forget to think about Suvino. A genuine leather bag factory with long experience in bag production. with a bag maker with expertise and experience and machinery imported from Italy to produce the best quality bags for all customers


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