What is a Shoulder Bag and How to Style it?

Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are popular accessories every woman must have because they make the outfit look perfect. But we believe many people don’t know “What is a shoulder bag? And what style should we dress to match the shoulder bag?”. Today, Suvino will introduce information about the shoulder bag and how to style it. Let’s see!


What is a shoulder bag?

A matching shoulder bag is an excellent addition to a woman’s outfit. While some people go for bags in different colors and materials for different activities and seasons, others go for just one versatile bag that makes it usable for every occasion like Shoulder Bag. In addition, no matter what style or clothes color you like to wear. You still can carry a shoulder bag because they have a variety of materials and colors to choose from.

A shoulder bag is a handbag with a strap long enough to be carried over the shoulder. The straps will be strong and firm. And it’s designed to be worn over the shoulder for support and carried by the user hands-free. Despite changing the style, the shoulder bag still can go with every style of clothing and can be used for all occasions.


How to choose a shoulder bag?

Get to know the shoulder bag already. Next, we will take you to know how to buy a shoulder bag. So you can buy a bag that meets your needs and style. There are 4-factor used to consider for purchase a shoulder bag as follows:

  • The color of a shoulder bag

    If you want to use a shoulder bag in everyday life. You should choose the color of the bag in neutral tones such as black, beige, white, cream, taupe, etc. These colors can match with a variety of clothing styles. But if you want to choose a shoulder bag for a special occasion. You should consider the color of the clothes you will be wearing that day. And what color bag is suitable for your clothes?


  • The material

    Shoulder bags can be made from a variety of materials, but of course, the most suitable material is Genuine leather, as it is the most popular and beautiful material. because of its unique texture and high durability.


  • An ideal occasion for a shoulder bag

    Before deciding to buy a shoulder bag. You should evaluate it thoroughly before that. What occasions do you need a shoulder bag for? If it is for daily use, it must be practical and functional, for example, having a medium to large size to be able to carry all the stuff, with a zipper to prevent lost items, etc. But if you have to buy it for special occasions, you might choose a small shoulder bag with a silver or gold metal chain. This will accentuate your outfit without being obscured by a large bag.


How to style a shoulder bag?

In this part, we will show you how to style a shoulder bag for a special occasion. Because I believe that many people still do not know How to carry a shoulder bag to look chic, beautiful, and glamorous. let’s see.

  • For evening wear

    To make you look more unique, you can choose a shoulder bag with a gold or silver chain and hold your bag more like a clutch or hold the chains around your wrist or your finger. This will give a chic and glamorous to your look.


  • For an everyday look

    There are 2 ways to style a shoulder bag for an everyday look. First, matching a bag to an outfit. This will make you look interesting and chic but it’s too outdated. Secondly, wear a bag that has a color or pattern of the same essence as your look.


  • For a party

    If your dress is already sparkly, you can choose a classic satin bag to make the overall picture of the dress look too overdressed. But if your dress is simple, you can take it to the next level with a sparkling shoulder bag to make you look glamorous at the party.


  • For attending a wedding

    If you’ve been invited as a guest at a wedding, It is not appropriate to choose clothes or bags that are too flashy. But to make your look still glam and chic, you can choose a shoulder bag with a nude tone such as gray, beige, white, or cream with a gold or silver chain. Or choose the bag and dress that match the theme of the wedding as well.

What material is suitable for making a shoulder bag?

If asked what materials are suitable for the production of shoulder bags the answer is All types of genuine leather are suitable for the production of shoulder bags. Because genuine leather is beautiful and strong, it is suitable for shoulder bags that require high durability. We will introduce genuine leather that can add value and identity to your branded shoulder bags.

  • Cow Leather

    is one of the most popular leather because of its durability and its uniqueness. Moreover, the texture of cow leather will give a very good touch, natural, and durable in use.


  • Python Snakeskin

    is the most affordable exotic leather but it can add value and charm to the bag. Because it has a unique color, texture, and pattern.


  • Crocodile Leather

    The charm of crocodile leather is a unique pattern in itself. It is considered the most beautiful natural leather. It doesn’t have to do anything to be beautiful but it can be dyed to produce different colors and it is also leather that has tough and durable properties. Due to its properties, the investment in crocodile leather bags is worthwhile.


A shoulder bag is an accessory that can be carried for any occasion. Guaranteed that the shoulder bag that you produce will be popular with women for sure. And if you are looking for a bag factory that meets standards, we recommend Suvino, a bag factory that has experience for over 36 years with the largest selection of leather in Thailand and Southeast Asia. with expert bag makers and a one-stop service



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